Equipped To Counsel

An eight-month biblical counseling training program.

This biblical counseling program is for those who desire to develop an understanding and application of biblical counseling and the impact it has on the community of believers.

We will be offering three levels of classes beginning Fall 2019.

Equipped to Counsel I

Introduction to Biblical counseling and counseling issues.

Course Description: This 8-month class is designed to equip followers of Christ with the ability to apply the gospel in personal and specific ways to the heart and struggles of others. We will address both the theology and practice of gospel-centered counseling. Participants will be prepared to minister effectively to individuals, couples and families with a biblical perspective on change in the context of community. Issues such as addictions, anxiety, anger and depression with be covered. Space is limited.

Classes offered both morning and evenings.

Thursdays 9:30am – 12:00pm and 6:30 – 9:00pm

Registration Begins June 1st 2019

Class begins October 24, 2019

Certification Options & Cost

Option One – Enrichment

  • Materials and class only.
  • Cost: $99

Option Two – Certificate of Completion from Salem Heights Church Biblical Counseling Ministry

  • Class, materials, proctoring of assignments, observation.
  • Cost: $199

Option Three: National Certification and membership through The Association of Biblical Counselors

  • Class, materials, proctoring of assignments, observation, practicum and certification through the Association of Biblical Counselors.
  • Cost: $599



Equipped to Counsel II

Biblical Counseling for Marriage and Families (10-week course).

Course Description: This 10-week class is for those who wish to become more effective in coming alongside marriage and family counseling issues as pastors, church staff, and lay people.  We will explore a biblical view of marriage and family and topics such as blended families, counseling for children and teenagers, and separation and divorce. Equipped to Counsel I is a prerequisite for this class. Space is limited.  

Classes offered evenings only.

Thursdays 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Registration Begins June 1st 2019

Class begins September 26, 2019

Cost: $99

Equipped to Counsel III

Advanced Topics in Biblical Counseling

Course Description: This class is for those ministering in their local church or para-church organization and covers advanced topics in counseling. ETC 1 and ETC 2 are prerequisites for this class. Space is limited. 

Class runs every other week beginning January 23. 

 Cost: $79

Association of biblical counselors Regional Training Center

Salem Heights Church has been certified with the Association of Biblical Counselors as a regional training center. Emily Dempster is a certified training leader and provides the grading and proctoring of students for certification both National and for a SHC Certificate of Completion. Salem Heights Church Counseling Ministry can provide ETC training and certification for the ABC as well as continuing education for already certified counselors.